Today I have found out that the maximum allowed frequency of posting new questions is 1 question in 40 minutes across all Stack Exchange communities taken together.

Given that there are many questions on different topics on my mind, I could of course take notes and wait in 40 minutes intervals reading around or doing other things which sometimes leads to more new questions. Or I could try not to forget the questions and get anxious.

But, maybe it is possible to implement a queue feature, like I file a question, give it a processing priority "any time". This would relax me a lot as SE user.

p.s., Is there actually any level of achievement to overcome this limit somehow?


According to The Complete Rate-Limiting Guide the rate limit for new users asking questions:

Users with < 125 rep, 40 minutes, network-wide

This prevents users from spamming the site and posting a lot of low-quality questions. Allowing to put question in a queue not only defeats the purpose, it is also a lot of work for no gain at all.

The easy way out for you is to get more reputation on the network. 125 on a single site isn't too much to gain.

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