In Stackexchange sites there is an RSS feed likehttps://stackoverflow.com/feeds/week/ for each site, filtering questions more than hot and other available sort parameters can, what is the equivalent of that week feed but for a specific tag?

For example, for the tag java, something like: https://stackoverflow.com/feeds/tag/java/week/ or https://stackoverflow.com/feeds/tag/java?filter=week? (I've already tried most of the combinations based in this answer without success).

BTW, sorting them with ?sort=hot (like https://stackoverflow.com/feeds/tag?tagnames=java&sort=hot doesn't seems to be working, it returns the same of https://stackoverflow.com/feeds/tag?tagnames=java is it deprecated or is there a new endpoint?

  • &sort=newest on the end of an RSS feed doesn't work either. It returns Active questions instead of Newest. Anyone have a solution? – Bill Wentworth Dec 12 '17 at 20:41

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