At present, there are two options for flairs.

Either the site-specific flair (or) the network flair.

That is, if I choose it from Stack Overflow, I can either use this:

Or I can use this:

So my feature request is Can we have a flair containing only selected sites?

That is, if I want to only include Stack Overflow and Travel.se, then I may put something like this


Another Case

If I want to show only Android SE and Meta SE, I can use


If you'd really like to customize flair that finely, you'll need to utilize the API and construct it yourself.

Adding options to a URL like that opens up a huge potential for abuse where users could chew up a lot of our resources creating flair images by just sending a flood of requests with differing options. Sure, flair images are cached for quite a while, but given the number of users and number of sites, it's easy to keep coming up with new ones that need generated. On-the-fly options like this just aren't doable.


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