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One of my answers to a question was "edited" by another user. The "editing" consisted in inserting a hyphen in one of the words I had used, and "replacing" some other words with the identical spellings. What should I do in such circumstances?

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    You mean this? The user converted a few parts of the text to use inline code formatting to make it easier to read. – animuson Jun 19 '17 at 4:46

If it stays in the suggested edits queue, simply reject it. The owner of a post has the highest privilege to edit it, and approve or reject edit suggestions.

If the edit is already applied, let it go. There's no need to intervene a meaningless edit.


If you feel the edit conflicts with your intent and does not improve it in any way, you can roll it back to the pre-edit version of the post.

However, if you find even parts of the edit are helpful, consider re-editing the post to undo whatever changes you don't like while leaving the helpful parts.

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