For example, if someone didn't know what a tamagotchi was, they could ask:

Identify this game device:

1) had a digital pet

2) old, small device

3) can hand in keychain

4) japan item

Where would I ask these types of questions?

  • I'm not sure there is anywhere. Arqade is the gaming site but they don't allow game identification questions. – Robert Longson Jun 24 '17 at 21:57
  • 1
    Most of our sites that did allow identification requests (which this certainly would fall under) have since decided to disallow them - they tend to be of very limited utility to the community and typically only the asker. We want to optimize questions (and answers) to maximum utility - so they are helpful to as many people as possible. – Oded Jun 24 '17 at 22:04

The problem with showing an image, and expecting people to identify it is it is really hard to find that question, and its horribly localized.

Personally I'd ask about such things in chat knowing the chat has people interested in such things.

QA is typically bad for this and quite a few sites discourage this. On SU for example, we've been trying to get rid of hardware ID questions by semi-rolling them into a generic hardware ID question.

This is also made a little more complex by a certain oddness of scope since there's no real site that those random electronic tchotchkes are on topic.

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