While browsing the User Reputation Leagues for Super User, I noticed that DavidPostill's moderator diamond ♦︎ was not being displayed next to his username.

User Rep League - No Mod Diamond

Shouldn't the usernames for Stack Exchange employees and moderators include the diamond?

  • All are equal before the <s>law</s> reputation leagues! – Nick Volynkin Jun 26 '17 at 17:20

It will not be displayed.

Here is another example

Martijn is an SO mod. But the mod diamond is not there.

Also check the Freehand in the URL.

It is StackExchance.com not a particular site. In StackExchange, they are not a moderator.

enter image description here

So, Their mod diamond should be visible only to the particular site and from other sites, only to the linked account section.

enter image description here

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