A couple of previous questions (How to find the actual close reason for a question? and How to determine why a question was closed from the data dump/data explorer) document the fact that it is currently impossible to find out the precise individual closure-as-off-topic reason used on any given question, i.e. the ones indexed in the CloseAsOffTopicReasonTypes table, via the Data Explorer.

This is a bit weird, because it is very public data, and it would be very useful both for collating statistics and to enable easier and more in-depth auditing of how each closure reason is used in practice. Moreover, it should be easy to implement: the information obviously exists already, and all it takes is adding a column CloseAsOffTopicReasonTypeId to that table linking back to the existing Types table.

As mentioned in the linked questions,

Is this a bug or missing feature? I can't tell

but it doesn't really matter: either way, please implement this!



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