Well, this might seem like a meta inception. :)

I have a question regarding an application that I have been using. I can't ask that question on Stack Overflow because it is not on programming. I am not sure if I can ask that on Software recommendations. Is it okay to share that question here on SE Meta to understand which is the best SE site to ask it on?


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As the tag wiki says:

After looking through the site list, https://stackexchange.com/sites, you don't know where to ask your question on the Stack Exchange Network? Give as much detail as possible about the question you'd like to ask, and the community will help you find the appropriate site.

If you have looked through https://stackexchange.com/sites and still don't know which site to try asking your question on then it seems fine for your to provide details about it and ask for a site recommendation here.

However, I think you should also look through Which computer science / programming Stack Exchange do I post in?

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