On Meta Stack Exchange, I can post a link to any question on the Stack Exchange network, and it will be automatically translated into the correct question title.

However, on any other SE Community, internal links are only translated into titles if the link references another question on the same site.

For example, When posting on Code Golf, links to other questions on Code Golf will be converted to titles, while links to Stack Overflow will be ignored.

Example Code Golf question

According to Internal link wasn't translated to title, this is currently listed as , but I can't think of any drawbacks to enabling link translation for all sites.

Can internal links be translated into titles regardless of site, just as they do here on Meta Stack Exchange?

  • One of that linked question's answers also notes that you can do this on child metas with MSE posts, too. Also, I think that question is not very related. Shadow's answer makes it look like the OP was using the wrong link for the question. – Catija Jul 3 '17 at 21:32
  • I can't speak for the dev team, but I'm reasonably certain that cross-site queries are still somewhat problematic, making this [feature-request] somewhat more difficult/impractical than it sounds. Hopefully someone who knows better can chime in. – Robert Cartaino Jul 4 '17 at 1:18

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