If I write [meta-tag:tag] in question it will be displayed this way

but in comment it will be displayed like hyperlink: tag.

I suggest to display tag links in comments the same as in posts (questions\answers).


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As Martin. said,

This is done intentionally to save some space. Comments should be lightweight. They do not support displaying tags or images at all.

People have always complained that inline blocks are intrusive, especially the <kbd> tag. So supporting tags in comments will only render them less readable. It makes no improvements at all.

This is what you may see as tags in comments:

Image credit to Cai.


If the tag is not displayed well, then it would at least be possible to have some other hints that it is a tag. For instance, the block in HTML could be displayed with the same background color as the tag within posts, and a hoover could display the normal pop-up that is displayed when hoovering over a tag that is displayed the usual way.

Currently the tag is simply displayed as a link, which gives no hint whatsoever that a tag is meant. Even displaying the text tag: would be beneficial. Such a measure would not mess up the makeup of the comment.

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