Under (elided) circumstances, a user deleting lots of comments quickly can cause an auto-flag. It looks something like this:

comment-vandalism flag

A list of posts with deleted comments follows.

There's just one problem: the user who shows up in the flag view is not the one doing the deletions. (Well, I suppose it could be, but I haven't seen it yet.) I believe this flag is raised on whatever post was the one that kicked the detection algorithm over the threshold. That makes it hard to scan the flags list and hard to handle the flag.

To find out who it's actually about, so I could look at that user's history, I had to go to a linked post, show deleted comments, and go looking for candidates. If there are self-deleted comments from more than one person, I might have to look at more posts. That's a lot of work for deleted comments.

Users can't be flagged directly, which is why the flag has to be attached to a post, but there's another "comment stuff in aggregate" flag, the one raised for too many rude/offensive flags. In that case, while a post is flagged, the flag message includes the name of the user (and is actually a link for expedited handling). Could we have that for vandalism flags too?

That is, something like this:

show user name and link to history

Apparently it used to identify the user, years ago. (And I guess it used to be a 10k tool instead of mod-only.)

I don't see this flag very often, so every time I do I have to remind myself that it's not what it appears at first glance to be.

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