Is there a simple way to search all Stack Exchange sites (i.e. including those with their own domain; e.g. Stack Overflow) using Google's site: option?

I.e., for lots of questions I want to search serverfault.com, stackexchange.com and dba.stackexchange.com from within Google.

I suspect not as if there were any common route domain I'd guess it would be stackexchange.com. However, if there isn't, would it be feasible to suggest an enhancement where stackoverflow.com (and any other sites on their own domains) can also be shown on a subdomain of stackexchange.com to enable this?

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    stackexchange.com/search does that, as was mentioned in the third of the questions you mentioned.
    – user315433
    Jul 13 '17 at 16:42

Based on technicalities, you could say yes or no.

@Alex mentioned the Stack Exchange search page, which you could argue either way since:

  • It's using a search engine (Google), just a custom search though

  • But you're not actually in Google

This is the best way out of all the options. Of course speaking of your feature request, I can't remember which post but a community manager mentioned that the original three and certain others with their own exceptions (i.e MathOverflow) will not have the .stackexchange within the URL to prevent confusion as some might not realize that Stack Overflow has expanded into Stack Exchange.

This of course, does break the usage of site:stackexchange.com which searches through all sites containing stackexchange.com. Unfortunately, if you use this method, you really can't search with the rest of the sites without the domain.

You can use search operators (credits to @Dan Bron). To search them all for example:

search_term site:stackexchange.com | site:stackoverflow.com | site:serverfault.com | site:stackapps.com | site:superuser.com | site:mathoverflow.net

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