In a question on Meta Code Golf, I want to quote a comment by SteveFest which displays an HTML tag as a literal set of characters.

Comment with brackets

I can't find a way to include <s>not</s> without surrounding it with code blocks.

  • <s>not</s>not
  • <s> not </s> not
  • \<s>not\</s> → \not\
  • \<s\>not\</s\> → \not\
  • /<s>not/</s> → /not/
  • /<s/>not/</s/> → /not/
  • <code><s>not</s></code>not
  • < s >not< /s > → < s >not< /s >

How can I display an HTML tag in a question without enclosing it inside a code block?


We don't render HTML in comments, so you can just type the characters and they appear like that. In posts, anything that looks like invalid, non-allowed HTML gets removed. Instead, you need to escape the characters using HTML entities:



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