While reviewing First Posts on Super User, I noticed that I couldn't edit this question (see below). Clicking the "edit" link simply does nothing.

Editing is not possible for me right now because I have already five suggested edits pending. It used to be the case that the link would've been grayed out (and the reason shown as a popover). This has been changed recently, and while I'm not sure it's an improvement, the current implementation needs some fixing at least.

enter image description here

This bug appears regardless of the actual reason that the edit isn't possible; for instance, here is another user experiencing the same bug who couldn't suggest an edit because of an already pending one.

Apparently, I'm far from the only one who experiences this issue. As of last Sunday morning, 15 other bug reports have been posted networkwide (and are still alive) and this is #16.


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This is now fixed:

Starting with the next build, we'll be showing an error message same way as we do on regular question pages:

Error message on clicking "edit" in review

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