While browsing SE, I came across a request to implement Ask Different's <kbd> tag style network-wide. (Can we have the nicer Apple SE/Ask Different <kbd> tag network-wide?.)

Apple Style KBD tags

The accepted answer by Pops explains that the feature will not be implemented.

No. The update to AskDifferent makes <kbd>-enclosed things look like Apple keys, which is fine for an Apple site, but shouldn't replace the default network-wide.

The new one is pretty, I'll give you that... but the goal isn't to make something that looks exactly like a real key on a real keyboard. The goal is to effectively communicate that the text is supposed to represent a keyboard key. Function should trump aesthetics here.

Despite the negative moderator response, the post was tagged as by Jeff Atwood a few years back.

Assuming that the change was implemented:

  • What did <kbd> look like before the change?
  • What were the reasons SE changed its mind?
  • Why does Command+Shift+I look different than ?

Stack Exchange didn't change its mind. It never gave an opinion on it before completing the request.

Pops was not an employee when he posted that answer. He wasn't hired until 2013. Those were just his personal opinions on the subject, that the asker happened to agree with and accepted.

This question has a nice comparison of the old vs new styles.

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