I want to do a network-wide search that covers all meta sites on Stack Exchange.

Specifically, I'm looking to find site-specific announcement posts so I can research which communities have site-specific formatting enabled.

I've tried using the Network Wide search, but it seems that is:meta isn't a valid search option.

How can I search for meta posts across the Stack Exchange network?

Preferably, I would like to sort the results by votes, as feature announcements like these tend to be highly voted.


We use Google custom search on the network-wide search page, not an in-house search engine. The benefit of this is that the custom search is already scoped to only our network sites.

You can still further scope it using Google's site: search operator, which happens to support wildcards. So something like this would search for a particular term on all sites that have meta in their URL:

site:meta.* MathJax


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