One of the comments in the AutoReviewComments userscript contains a link to Meta Stack Overflow: https://meta.stackoverflow.com/q/8259 which automatically redirects to a Meta Stack Exchange answer. With some research, I found that this is part of the Meta split:

  1. Establish redirects from MSO to MSE for lower post IDs

However, I couldn't find how this works exactly. Is it just that post IDs under a certain number are automatically redirected? If so, what is that number (perhaps 250000)? The redirection seems to be active only for Meta Stack Overflow, not for other meta sites. Under circumstances, it can also redirect to other sites, e.g. http://meta.stackoverflow.com/q/200000.

While this is a great playground (just plugging in numbers and seeing where you end up) I'd also appreciate an answer by a Stack Overflow employee with the 'functional specifications' of this feature.

Also, the redirect isn't working properly in the iOS app (presumably because of the way the API works); I get the familiar 'question not found' screen inviting me to open the page in Safari (where it does work).

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