So, there is this one gold-badge holder ... who occasionally comes and scrubs that tag, and closes questions as duplicated.

My gut feeling is that 90% of those votes are correct, but from time to time they are not. When I notice those by chance, I put in a re-open vote.

But as said - that happens "by chance". Unless I am mistaken: when I turn the Activity profile of that user - I don't see the close votes under "all actions". And the "review" panel only shows postings that user worked on in review queues.

Thus: is there a way to find all those questions that were closed-as-dup by some single, specific user?


This is possible using SEDE query:

Select PostId As [Post Link], CreationDate As [CloseTime]
From PostHistory
Where UserId=##UserId## And PostHistoryTypeId=10
    And CharIndex('"BindingReason":{"GoldTagBadge"', [Text])>0
Order By CloseTime Desc

For example for you on SO it shows you closed 194 as duplicates using your gold Java hammer.

Keep in mind the data there isn't live, but updated once a week, every Sunday or Monday.

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