Another question here on Meta brought something to my attention. Most links in errors and warnings that come up when posting or editing still are HTTP. I have a few examples listed below from various sites. I think this will need a dev to fix.

Trying to use (or edit a post with) a link shortener on Stack Overflow:

Body cannot contain "[blacklisted link]".

Please avoid using URL shorteners; they can break without leaving any useful artifact and are often used to obscure spam or malicious links.
Editors: please replace the short URL noted above with the URL it redirects to!
For details, see meta.

Link is http://meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/313621/blacklist-the-use-of-common-link-shorteners-in-posts

Using the [virtualbox] tag on Server Fault (see here):

Questions about personal and development use of VirtualBox are off-topic at Server Fault. You may be able to get help at Super User.

Link is http://superuser.com/tags/virtualbox/info

Using the [identification-request] tag on Anime & Manga (see here):

The 'identification-request' tag is not allowed.

The Identification Request tag is deprecated and now off-topic, see our discussion on the topic. Existing questions are currently in the process of removal.

Link is http://meta.anime.stackexchange.com/questions/2805/what-wed-like-to-do-about-those-gosh-darn-identification-requests-questions



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