Glorfindel pointed me to two very helpful SEDE queries; and I thought: OK, let's save as CSV and import into a spread sheet and work that later on.

But to my surprise, the CSV dump only contains two columns:

Post Link,CreationDate "28928266","2015-03-08 15:42:03"

So - is there a way to not only get links in the SEDE query result view - but in the CSV file it creates for me?

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I think (but rene will probably prove me wrong) the Post Link magic column (and for that matter, the custom scheme site://) are not compatible with the CSV export, and you should construct the link yourself instead, e.g. with constructions like

'https://meta.stackexchange.com/q/' + CAST(q.Id AS VARCHAR) AS 'Link'

(for queries which return answers, replace /q/ with /a/)

Here is an updated version of the query.


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