Where can I ask questions about a problem with Samsung J7 mobile phone?

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Android Enthusiasts is the right place for you, as Samsung J7 is an Android phone.

I am an experienced user on Android Enthusiasts, and before you post your question, please make sure

  • It's not about developing or debugging an application. You should instead navigate to Stack Overflow.
  • You're not asking for software/application recommendation. We are there to solve problems or provide help and hints there. If you're very sure that you want an app as a solution, please navigate to Software Recommendations.
  • You're not asking for shopping recommendation, or looking for marketing data or statistics. We want to help problems with your phone, not your business.

And please notice that:

We already have a bunch of nice questions on various issues (with good answers!). You can search for existing posts about your problem. If none of them solves your problems, feel free to ask a new one.

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Samsung J7 is an Android mobile.

If your problem is related to software, ask it on Android Enthusiasts.

If that is a hardware problem (like screen crashed/ USB port damaged), there is no site for you to ask.

Since you said that you have a problem with Samsung J7, I hope it is not related to programming or any third party applications.

Read their How to Ask section before asking it on Android Enthusiasts.

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    Android.SE covers hardware issues too, for example broken-screen is a tag with 200+ questions, many recent, and they are not being closed as off-topic. – user315433 Aug 3 '17 at 19:17
  • I have the links directing to What's-on-topic? in my answer. The How-to-Ask page is almost the same across all SE sites. – iBug says Reinstate Monica Aug 4 '17 at 0:40

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