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I would like to ask a question about converting fonts for use on a web site.

The question will involve the existence of suitable software, as well as a question on the legality or suitability of the license.

Where is the best place to ask this?


This is the actual question (I don’t expect it to be answered here, of course):

I would like to convert a font which uses the Open Font License to WOFF for use on a web site. My understanding is that this conversion probably contravenes the license. However, I have also read

Please note that most WOFF conversion tools and online services do not meet the two requirements listed above

https://theleagueof.github.io/licenses/ofl-faq.html (section 2.2)

This suggests that some tools do meet the requirements.

Can anybody suggest any software tools which meet this requirement? Preferably Open Source, and available on Linux or Macintosh.

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Graphic Design looks like a good option. Their fonts tag states:

Questions about matching fonts, using fonts together, manipulating fonts, font selection and font purchase and usage rights. Please use a more specific tag if available.

That said, 'the existence of suitable software' looks like a recommendation question and those are usually not a good fit for any Stack Exchange website (except Software Recommendations, but they have strict guidelines for questions). So it could be that you have to split your question in two pieces.

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