I have a picture of an old print of a painting I found in my attic. Is there a site where I might ask if anyone can help me identify when it was made or who the artist might be? Or at least give ideas on how to determine these things? I considered photography, but couldn't for sure tell if that would be on-topic.


Unfortunately we do not yet have such a site. Our Arts & Crafts site is more directed at homemade items, so identification and general art appreciation are not within the scope of that site.


If there is any connection between it and your family history, you may want to post it in a question at the Genealogy & Family History Stack Exchange, to explore that connection.

G&FH SE often gets old photos, old handwriting, and occasionally old paintings (usually portraits) to try and make sense of. As long as there is a connection to family history such questions are on-topic there.

  • Unfortunately there is not. Left there by the previous owner and I just bought the house. Maybe it had a connection to their family, but I know little about them. Good idea though. Aug 9 '17 at 1:34

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