I found here and wanted some more information of what my cucumber score was supposed to mean. Another user had it here.

What does my cucumber score mean?


enter image description here


Its a tag

is a tag on Code Review. (Proof)

That number that follows it is an "Interesting Tag" score, awarded to all tags that you have viewed questions on. I'm not really sure how they create the score, however.

All this means is that you have viewed a question on Code Review tagged

EDIT: It would seem as though cucumber is also a tag on Stack Overflow which is a more likely place that you viewed a post tagged with it. Also, see animuson's comment below

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  • Not necessarily on Code Review. Prediction data is global to all sites on the network. All it says is they viewed a question tagged cucumber on some site on the network (maybe they like cucumbers). – animuson Aug 9 '17 at 18:36
  • @animuson but that one is most definitely plural. :P – Catija Aug 9 '17 at 18:39

It's a tag on one of the sites you visit. For example, it is a tag on Stack Overflow and appears in my personalized data. AFAIU, it is just the score of how likely you are to be interested in questions with that tag on the relevant site.

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