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I already have reached the goal, as it shows on the board of my profile: enter image description here

It's been (at least) a week since I have reached the goal, but no medal counted.

In this question, it says that it takes probably a day for it.

Am I missing something regarding the proposed objective to get this medal?

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    The 'x' means you don't have a positive question record. – Glorfindel Aug 16 '17 at 5:43
  • I see. But why SO counter let the score reach 5/5, if I haven't accomplished all the objectives? – ivanleoncz Aug 16 '17 at 5:51
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    Because there are two objectives and you've reached the first one which requires at least 5/5 but not the second. – Robert Longson Aug 16 '17 at 5:53
  • Got it. Thank you, @RobertLongson. If you and Glorfindel want to post answers for the questions, feel free, and then I can upvote. – ivanleoncz Aug 16 '17 at 5:56
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    Your question is an exact duplicate, so you better click the button that is offered to you to mark it as such. That is much more efficient and convenient for future users, instead of having all kind of answers across multiple questions. – rene Aug 16 '17 at 6:02
  • Agree. Thank you all. – ivanleoncz Aug 16 '17 at 6:03

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