If there's any word that I have been so confused with, it's got to be meta. I have seen a few places where it's used in entirely different ways.

Meta sites: Here, meta means discussion about the site's working and policies.

Meta tags: Here, meta means unclassifiable, since meta tags can't be used to classify questions into specialized concepts.

This post is way too meta IMO: I've seen this being used a lot but I have no idea what it means.

Is this all, or are there other meanings to the word "meta"?


TL;DR: no other meanings, at least that I'm aware of.

The actual meaning depends on context. Few examples:

  • "Please ask this on meta", when said in a main site, means of course the per-site meta. When saying this better link "meta" to the actual meta site, especially when telling this to new user.

  • "This is too meta": this one is bit tricky. Usually it means whatever said is too "noisy", and went out of scope of the original post/discussion. Instead of talking about the post itself or original discussion, someone talk about something else.

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