I noticed some HTML entities are not being rendered properly in search:

Consider the following two sentences: [1] The boy is coming. [2] The boy is singing. (at the same time) How can I join the two sentences using a participle? Can I use any … of the sentences below? [3a] The boy comes singing. [3b] The boy is coming while singing. [3c] The boy is singing while coming. [3d] The boy is coming singing. [3e] The boy is coming, singing. …

This behavior happens with all searches that return that post.

I have noticed this happens with at least 3 entities, as can be seen in these searches:

This behavior does not happen with all HTML entities:

  • A similar bug report (specifically about <) can be found here, and was marked . And it does seem to be fixed for <.
  • It does not work with the accented characters (âçöóČ) as seen here.
  • My own testing has found that most entities are properly rendered. in fact, brackets are properly with [ and ], as seen in this search

If you know of any other entities that are not being properly rendered, feel free to leave a comment.

This query may help. It finds posts that use HTML entities (replace * with the HTML entity you want to find):

Select top 50 PostId as [Post Link], text from posthistory
where text like '%*%'


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