I asked a question on Physics about an unproducible code, and it was close voted as not about physics: How to plot forcing oscillation with damping correctly?.

Since the nature of the question is about mismatched results with scientific theories not fixing bugs, I think Stack Overflow or Code Review are not a right place. Mathematics can work for common problems, but again not a good fit if it requires knowledge outside math. The last thing I can come up is Computational Science, which seems the right choice for algorithms, but the topic must be in applied math. The question Which computer science / programming Stack Exchange do I post in? assumes that I've coded correctly in principle.

Where can I ask such questions?


The tag line for Computational Science, visible on the list of all sites says:

Computational Science

Q&A for scientists using computers to solve scientific problems

That sounds exactly like what you're doing.


The What topics can I ask about here? of Physics explicitly says:

Implementation details of computational tasks
While computational physics is on topic, we are not a programming site. If your question is about implementing computational code - in particular, if it's about writing, compiling, debugging or optimizing code, or about a specific language or library - then it is off topic. It may be suitable for Computational Science or Stack Overflow, however.

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