Some time ago I asked how I could figure which of my answers were given to questions that are still open (see here).

Further thinking about this: I really find that information helpful - and I suggest that it should be easier to acquire.

For example: when I turn to my profile to the "answer" tab, you basically find two things there:

  • white box: the upvote count for that answer
  • in case any answer was accepted ... you have a green rectangle instead of the empty one

I think it should be possible (and easy!) to come up with a slightly improved UI experience, like:

  • empty rectangle, just a number: question doesn't have an accepted answer
  • green rectangle - question has an accepted answer (but it is not the one I gave)
  • green rectangle with thick black border - "my answer" is the accepted one

The above is just an example - maybe it would be better to fully rework the display (in order to avoid giving a new meaning to the known concept of "just a green box").

And yes - the intent is to easily get to these questions that don't have an accepted answer ... but that could have one.


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