Today I noticed that a user's page shows a lot of user icons scaled from the very biggest ones. E.g. rene's icon original size is 652'832 bytes, but actually it's scaled from 512 pixels × 512 pixels to 48 pixels × 48 pixels on the page.

Total page size is about 4 MB and gtmetrix.com does not show a good page speed score for it.

Is it possible to resize user icons on the server side before they are received by the client browser?

  • All they need is to change ?s=96 to ?s=48: i.stack.imgur.com/qj33e.png?s=48&g=1 (imgur already store several thumbnails with different size, 96x96 isn't one of them so it returns the original image) – Shadow The Dragon Wizard Sep 28 '17 at 13:13
  • @ShaWizDowArd as far as I remember we already discuss something similar about imgur sizes. – αλεχολυτ Sep 28 '17 at 13:14
  • Probably just about their existence, but the team need to change the code to use the correct size. – Shadow The Dragon Wizard Sep 28 '17 at 13:15
  • You like that picture, right? – rene Sep 28 '17 at 13:49
  • @rene not enough, it should be full HD at least! – αλεχολυτ Sep 28 '17 at 14:15
  • you are about to destroy a flower. – Optimus Prime Sep 28 '17 at 16:01

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