This is related to How do notifications on deleted posts work? but that question does not actually answer this one... there's a comment requesting information about this on the answer but it received no response.

As an example - I have a user who posts a low quality question. It gets two downvotes. While writing a comment to explain why the question is low quality, the user deletes their own post. Because I'm a moderator, I go ahead and submit the comment, hoping that it will guide them on how to improve the post.

Are they notified of this?

  • Does who deleted the post matter? For example, if the moderator comments on a post deleted by users with that privilege, will the OP get the message?

  • As with the related question, is there a time frame for this or is it irrelevant?

  • If a moderator deletes the post and then another one comments, will the OP see that comment?


Yes, a user gets notified when a moderator comments on their deleted post. Even if the comment arrives long after the deletion. Does not matter who deleted the post.

Source: own experience of receiving such a comment.

  • I have the opposite experience. An Answer of mine was deleted and I didn't know about it until 17 days later accidentally stumbling across it and finding it deleted by a moderator. Also, it was deleted 2 weeks after I originally posted it, so there was no reason for me to keep monitoring it for an action like this. – computercarguy Dec 20 '19 at 16:52

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