I recently got an answer upvote on an answer on Programming Puzzles and Code Golf. However, I ended up checking this on chat.stackexchange (specifically this, but it appears on main chat.se too. Testing looks like favicons for multiple (at least 3) sites are not working.

Here is what it looks like on stackexchange.com (still old top bar, but no visual error):

good image

Here's what it looks like on chat.se:

bad image

I'm not entirely certain what that is? Looks like a meta icon for another site. If you look closely, you can see a tiny bit of the "PCG" icon just below it, but it's cut off.

This also happens on Literature notices, and Sci-fi and Fantasy (but not Vegetarianism or Veg.meta). I don't have any meta notices to test with, other than the vegetarianism one (which is fine).

more bad img

I'm not providing an image, but this works with answer notices too. (tested with PPCG)

This is on Chrome (latest version, 61.0.3163.100) on OS X El Capitan.

Related, same error on main sites (but tagged ) and on A51 (unresolved).



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