In the Readme.txt of the SE Data Dump found on archive.org the contents of each site's 7-Zip file is documented.

The fact that the tags.xml is available isn't reflected in the readme.txt.

Please add the following before - **votes**.xml:

   - **tags**.xml
       - Id
       - TagName
       - Count
       - ExcerptPostId - if an Excerpt is created
       - WikiPostId - if an Wiki is created

I've also noticed that at least the PostHistoryTypeId field contain values that more closely match with what is described in Database schema documentation for the public data dump and SEDE but I only verified that for the posthistory.xml of one site so I'm not 100% sure if I'm correct on that one.

Can the readme.txt be refreshed to depict the current expected content?

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I've updated the readme with Tags.xml as well as PostLinks.xml (both were missing), added a few missing enumeration values (not only for PostHistoryTypeId) and make it that little bit more consistent.

With you in the next... data dump.

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