Right now I find that I often can't find, even when I've added them to my favorites. According to this answer by balpha from 2014, this sorting is intentional because there are two "types" of rooms - normal rooms and "special" rooms:

Most room sort orders put "special" rooms to the end of the list. Special rooms are

  • those that were created through a "move comment discussion to chat" click (they're always called "discussion between A and B"), and
  • those that were created by clicking a user and then "start a new room with this user" (they're always called "Room for A and B").

So... there's a problem with this assumption - it's easier for me to make a chat room by clicking "start a new room with this user" than to go and find the other way to create a room. They may start out being titled "Room for A and B" but they don't have to be titled that. When I have a long list of rooms - both active and inactive - on my favorites (which I do), it ends up being sort of random which rooms are which. Let's look at my favorite rooms (some info hidden):

Screenshot of "Favorite" chat rooms
(Click to enlarge)

So, there are a couple of things going on in this image... I have some frozen/deleted rooms (greyed background) and I have at least one room that starts with the "Room for A and B" format that's in the first grouping of "normal" rooms, rather than in the grouping of "special" rooms. I suppose it's possible that I mimicked the titling of the other rooms for talking with someone specific. I don't remember.

The room towards the end with the arrow pointing at it was last active twelve hours ago and it has a custom room name - one I picked myself. I did start it by choosing a user in chat and creating a room with them but I did that out of expediency, not because of any conscientious choice that the room was somehow "special". Sometimes, finding the "create a room" button is difficult and, until I found balpha's answer, I didn't realize the rooms were treated differently dependent on how they were created.

I view rooms that are "start a new room with this user" to be quite different from "move this discussion to chat" rooms. Particularly as a moderator, I've found that these rooms are often little used but may be revisited several times over. I'd rather the former be grouped with the "normal" rooms than the "special" ones, if I had my preference. But, short of that, on the "Favorite rooms" tab, can we please sort absolutely by time, ignoring the method of room creation?

This is something that balpha hinted at they were considering anyway, back in 2014:

  1. Continue to put special rooms after general rooms, but put them before frozen and/or deleted rooms.
  2. Continue to put special rooms after general rooms, except for those rooms that you have favorited.
  3. Continue to put special rooms after general rooms on the "all" tab, but don't special-case them on the other tabs.

Option 1 would help me somewhat, as I do have frozen/deleted rooms but it still wouldn't bring the rooms up above relatively inactive rooms if the special rooms were recently active.

Option 2 would be fine with me, though it might be more complicated? I like this option, as it would make these rooms appear on all of the tabs if they were recently active.

Option 3 would also be fine. I usually visit rooms from my favorite tab anyway, because my favorite rooms span a wide variety of sites, so looking only at site rooms isn't very useful.

  • Also... could we please fix this? As you can see from my screenshot, it's still a bug that's happening and it's been five years.
    – Catija
    Nov 19, 2017 at 19:21
  • Regarding the other bug, SE does not support zoom, several developers said that over the years. No idea why they didn't reject it yet, but I'm 100% they will at some point. Nov 20, 2017 at 8:39


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