I've found some messages that have been moved from chat room A to chat room B, yet still appear in searches for chat room A. Other messages that have been moved are excluded, as expected.


  • Search for the term "cv-pls" in Room 41570 (aka SOCVR on Stack Overflow Chat)
  • These messages get archived after some time, so expect to see many that are recent, and fewer back in time. Select an older page, and look for matching messages with "" in them. Presently, page 3 shows some from October 3, as shown in the screenshot.


  • Hover over the permalinks for find results, and note the page IDs in the URLs. As shown, some messages permalink to chat room B (90230, here).

    These should not appear in the search results for Room A.

  • Follow such a permalink, and check the history of the message. It shows that the message has been moved.




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