When trying to ask question with tag there is an error with text:

This tag is for use by the system for questions that have had all other tags removed. Please use a real tag instead.

warning about tag "untagged"

However this text can't be translated, because it is missing in Transifex. Please add it.

Linked question on ruSO.meta: Перевод предупреждения о запрете использовать метку untagged

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The message for forbidden tags stored somewhere outside of transifex/traducir workflow, and can only be managed by the company's staff.

Recently on ruSO the tag [internet] has been added to the list of forbidden entities and the text of notice

enter image description here

has been discussed before between the site's moderators and @SpencerG as a company's representative. So all other such things should be handled on per-site-meta level.


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