Before requesting that the tag be renamed to , I posted a series of questions about the renaming process here: Questions regarding the tag merging/synonym impact

Now that the tag has been changed, I have noticed that RSS feeds are not accurate. If you have an existing feed that is looking for the tagged content, it DOES NOT include any new content that was not originally tagged as .

For example:

  • From before the rename, if you created content that was tagged and renamed by the back-end process, that content IS included in the RSS feed looking for content tagged with .
  • If you create new content using the tag, it IS NOT included in any original RSS feeds looking for the tag.

The RSS feed apparently does not adjust and look for the parent tag when is a synonym.

This issue is a HUGE problem as all original RSS feeds looking for tagged content will need to be updated to look for . We have teams that follow the RSS feeds to see when people ask questions about their area of focus.

You can see the difference here:

This issue seems to be a bug in how the RSS feeds work. Can someone investigate and hopefully fix it?

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