I was recently suspended from this website for a seven day period. During this time I continued to log onto the site each day and earned the Enthusiast Badge for logging on for 30 consecutive days.

Is this a bug or can you earn badges whilst suspended?

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    You can earn badges (and reputation) while suspended. I would call earning the Enthusiast badge in a suspension period an edge case but on the other hand, if you're that dedicated that you, despite a suspension, still visit the site daily is maybe worth a badge anyway.
    – rene
    Commented Dec 12, 2017 at 13:55

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Definitely not a bug. If I posted an excellent answer before a suspension, and it reaches +25 score during that suspension, then I might as well unlock that Good Answer badge then, because if it's still +25 when the suspension ends I would get it at that point.

Suspension really just blocks all actions that you take; once it ends, it will appear to anyone but a ♦moderator that you were merely lurking during that period.

As rene said, you deserve that badge if you're dedicated enough to log on while suspended.


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