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Should there be a way to link questions?

On stackoverflow.com a lot of questions are related e.g. people keep mentioning "this issue was discussed before here".

Would it be nice to have a "Related questions" section where users can add/vote questions?

How about a "Merged view" where all the answers of related questions are combined in a single list (might be useful for research), sortable by votes/date/activity as is now

The "relationship" relation should be reflexive - but I am not sure about being transitive !

EDITED: In the meantime I found out there is a related question! Should there be a way to link questions?


We customarily just link between two related questions, as you've done here.

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  • I know but when you are researching a topic it is difficult to find all linked questions and answers; the keywords driven section "Related" helps, the search feature helps as well. But it is about it. I think something like Wikipedia's "See also" section can be helpful simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Guide_to_layout – Adrian Nov 23 '09 at 22:44

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