I've posted a question, and then I've got a answer that I considered as the answer to my question. This answer was upvoted by four people. And then my question was considered as a duplicate of a recent question. The new question has an answer with one upvote.

So my oldest question was considered as a duplicate of a newest question on what base?


The other question was better. Sometimes, Closevoters or mods make a judgement call, and they pick the question that's more likely to be a good post for people to find.

In theory we could also have the questions merged, but that needs a mod.

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  • True, and mods here are SE employees who are usually busy and have better things to do. :) – Shadow Wizard Wearing Mask Dec 13 '17 at 14:37

The concept of a duplicate when it comes to Meta has evolved significantly from its original purpose.

Your (older) question was closed as a duplicate to a newer one since the newer question was felt to be better written and on a sufficiently similar topic, and the duplicate mechanism allows the closed question to be linked to the duplicate target.

The action was also taken by a user with gold tag badge (aka dupe hammer) and seems to me to be in the spirit of preserving the quality of this site.

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