On Aviation.SE I recently rejected an edit that was not an edit at all, it neither removed or added any character to the tag wiki excerpt that it wanted to edit.

Is this a know bug?

I had a look to a similar question, but that focuses on edits on normal posts, and the answer does as well, and I don't see how they would apply to this case.


As you see the SEDE query for that edit, you will see that there is a line end added to the except. This caused the edit to take affect (and be submitted as suggested edit).

I guess this edit was not intentional, OP just wanted to change the tag wiki instead.

CSV export of the SEDE query for the related lines:

Text                                          Length
"Questions relating to aviation in Pakistan.","43"
"Questions relating to aviation in Pakistan.
"                                            ,"45"

An easy fix would be to trim the input for start and end spaces. You could post a feature request for that.

  • 1
    Done thank you. I am still a bit surprised about the fact that 2 chars were enough, but I guess the answer is already somewhere out there.
    – Federico
    Dec 18 '17 at 13:24

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