On your user profile page there are six (6) tabs; stats, activity, reputation, favorites, prefs and accounts.

I would like to see in a new tab, maybe named 50 latest viewed questions, which would contain the 50 latest viewed questions.

This would help when I want to follow a question but don't want to bookmark it or add it to my favorites list.

Sometimes, or a few hours later, I can't even find it again. I think this would be good for when you're viewing questions at work and want to check it up at home but can't because it's not in the same browser history.


I think it'd be more appropriate under the Activity tab, with a new button called Viewed.

This would filter to a list of questions you've viewed in chronological order. I don't think we need an infinite history there though, maybe 50 or 100 max.

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I came here to suggest this today, and have to +1/bump it.

Also, I'd suggest that a recently viewed questions could also live on the front page UI, above Recent Tags.

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