Currently there is an incentive to post a question in a specific minute of the hour (the first, for the record). In order to do, I posted, Any GPIO library that supports I2C multi-master mode? which was around 15 seconds past the top of the hour (which was 7pm in New York) according to my nptd synchronised PC. After waiting patiently for a day my reaction to the gamification on SE had still not earned it's reward - and I'm as Mad as a Hatter (and not a "Hero of Time") but not so Mad I cannot wait until 7pm in Tokyo...

Question: just how accurate is the Stack Exchange time-keeping?

  • Yeah - it was the lack of an upvote - as mentioned in the first question suggested as a duplicate - don't you just love hidden rules... – SlySven Dec 24 '17 at 10:17

It's quite accurate, and the 'window' is one minute. The timezone of your PC doesn't matter; it needs to be 7:00:00pm - 7:00:59pm anywhere in the world.

Your problem is that the Hero of Time hat, like most Winter Bash hats, has an additional hidden requirement: your question must have a positive score. It didn't have it at the moment you posted this Meta question; it does have now, so your Hero of Time hat should be on its way.

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