As shown in the pictures, the leaderboard percentages on my Stack Overflow page are not showing correctly.

I was until yesterday top 2% of the Quarter, always been keeping up and improving my stats, today I started showing up as top 10% of the Week.

This is my current ranking:

2130 (Week Rank) +2550 (change) 1,705 (total reputation) 25 (week reputation)
1734 (Month Rank) +3687 (change) 1,704 (total reputation) 15 (month reputation)
1733 (Quarter Rank) +3066 (change) 1,704 (total reputation) 15 (quarter reputation)
1734 (Year Rank) +10471 (change) 1704 (total reputation) 15 (quarter reputation)

I have been member for one year so lately I had been promoter to top 2% of the Quarter and my personal objective was to become top 2% percent of the Year, but looks like everything is resetting now with the new year.

enter image description here


Yes, the yearly leaderboards are reset every year, and the quarterly leaderboards are reset every quarter. This is , they aren't 'rolling quarters' or something like that. Try to see it from the bright side: you don't need that much reputation now to get on top of the league.

You're now displayed as top 10% of the week as that is the league type you're currently ranked highest in.

  • I have to observe, this reputation league is not real time. My week reputation now is 60 points now but league I am still at 25... :) – Fabrizio Bertoglio Jan 2 '18 at 11:26

enter image description here

Its for the current year - I don't think any of the counters other than maybe week are rolling.

Also I was #2 last year so... yeah, bit of motivation to catch up. Reputation leagues are just for a bit of fun anyway.

  • 1
    fun but also work... stackoverflow is going to get you a lot of jobs I believe. Still I do feel motivated now.. thanks – Fabrizio Bertoglio Jan 2 '18 at 10:33

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