When we take tour of a new beta site, we are shown a question "How to prevent unicorns from eating daisies?". For example try Interpersonal Skills Stack Exchange. Is this a real question asked by users or a question created by the developers to show as an example? If this is a real question, on which site did Unicorns eat daisies?

On a side note, it is a big coincidence that the user posted the question and users posted answers have exactly the same gravatar.

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    Interesting name. – iBug Jan 9 '18 at 7:09

I believe it's an intentionally made-up question that exists only in the /tour page.

First, unicorn is a fantasy creature that does not really exist in this world.

Second, given the tags on that question, it should have been closed as unclear what you're asking very quickly.

Third, all the users have the same avatar, as you've noted.

Conclusion: Made-up question.

  • Yes, I too believe it is for example purpose. I also asked about John Doe in the tour page. Not sure he is real or not. I will wait till some Dev responds. They may confirm. – Nog Shine Jan 9 '18 at 10:41

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