I'm working on a small project where I have to create a model (nltk) that will predict the tags from questions that may be published on Stack Overflow.

I used this link https://data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/query/new, and I was hoping there was a place that would explain more in-depth the details of the parameters.

For instance, what is "WikiPostId" in the Tags table? Most of the parameters are self-explanatory, but I fear I will miss some fine tuning.


There is, as Martin said, some documentation on Meta about the structure of the SEDE database.

As for your specific question, WikiPostId is the Post.Id of the tag wiki. Tag wikis are posts too, with Posts.PostTypeId = 5 (excerpts are 4), so you can use Tags.WikiPostId to look up the wiki post in the Posts table.

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