When going to any page of https://stackexchange.com with a new reputation gain, the achievements dropdown keeps showing a new badge green highlight:

enter image description here

And then trying to dismiss the notification by clicking on it gets rid of the green badge notification, but the +5 remains even after I've clicked away from the dropdown.

  • Related (?) – Glorfindel Jan 31 '18 at 14:37
  • 2
    I was about to report this; it’s still an issue. Exactly the same thing happens for notifications. The top bar icons just never get updated on stackexchange.com, except after a refresh. I even recorded a screencast. – user289905 Jun 6 at 23:02
  • The only way to fix it is to visit another site from the profile, or to click on the place where you gained the reputation. – Ollie Sep 15 at 13:54

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