Does Stack Exchange support user blogs for specific topics or is this currently in development? Users with expertise in specific areas may have the desire to write a blog post teaching a particular topic. This would create a more stable foundation for user learning in established areas, pushing questions to be more focused on the cutting-edge where consensus hasn't been established, promoting discussion, development, and progress in the relevant areas.


No, Stack Exchange is not intended to be a blogging platform and does not fundamentally support the publication of stand-alone, unsolicited "articles" in the context you typically associate with the traditional blogging format (more on that in a moment).

The fundamental unit of work on this site is created by asking a very specific question (a specific problem statement) you likely encounter in your day to day work or study — something that can be answered collectively and definitively in the space of a post. The collective answers are then vetted, improved, and sorted so the best stuff rises to the top, etc, etc. The curation of that content collectively is how we help and teach folks who come after.

However, Stack Exchange does have a facility called self-answered questions which provides a bit of blog-like functionality where folks can post interesting solutions they've encountered in their work by posting it in a self-answered Q&A format. Essentially, it allows folks to post both the problem statement (as a question) and the solution they arrived at (as an answer) without feigning a call for help to the community (the question is already answered and folks are still free to add answers of their own).

But the self-answered functionality isn't really meant to implement the role of a traditional blogging platform. The "articles" we allow here still need to adhere to fundamental qualities of a very specific problem statement (completely answerable in the space of a post), while a blog post often delves into broader exercises in pedagogy (broader concepts and teaching). For example, you couldn't publish a blog post here called "10 Ways to Avoid the Pitfalls of Collaboration" or "How to Learn C# in 24 hours". Even if those subjects are 100% completely on topic for the site, that type of broader pedagogy is not well supported nor allowed by our Stack Exchange format.


To supplement Robert's definitive answer, some SE sites used to have blogs, but SE discontinued them in 2017 after a longer period of not creating any new ones. However, a few sites kept their blogs, moving them off-site, and there's at least one site blog that was never official to begin with (was always off-site). If your content fits into the scope of a site that still has a blog, you could try submitting your work there. I would expect to find posts about blogs on the per-site metas of sites that have them.

According to the announcement discontinuing official blogs and comments there, the following sites have blogs:

  • Information Security
  • TeX / LaTeX
  • Server Fault
  • Science Fiction & Fantasy
  • Worldbuilding

There might be more.

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