I just reached 10k on SO yesterday. Today, when I was going to inspect a spam question, I saw this:


I expected that it should be hidden, presenting me with a link to the revision history, but it wasn't. I'm not a diamond mod, so that's too explicit to show me the content directly.

I switched to desktop view, and saw the question hidden as expected:

right 1

However, spam and rude/abusive answers are properly hidden on mobile web:

right 2

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This well indicates that a similar issue occurred when masking was first done for answers. Masking for questions wasn't implemented on the full site until later, so it appears to be a very similar case. Also, it's the only other result if you search for [mobile-web] [spam].


This is done now; as surmised in the comments, the previous behavior was a bit of a patchwork; now it should be consistently applied across questions and answers for both the mobile and desktop themes.

screenshot of mobile theme with question title and body obscured

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