It's been a few years since I've logged into stack overflow, and I used to log into Stack Overflow by using the "Log in with GitHub" option. This option does not seem to be there any more. Is there a way to login into my old account still?

Using the email I use with GitHub doesn't work, and it doesn't send a verification email when I try to reset.

I can still find my account, and I would love to use the same account with my existing trophies.


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We've never had a GitHub login option on Stack Overflow as far as I recall.

But, we should be able to still sort this out - drop us a line via the contact us page, describe the situation, which email(s) you may have used, etc. and one of our support folks will get back to you ASAP.


See this question for a possible resolution. I think in my case, the root cause was an apparent change of email on my GitHub account:

There was a dropdown menu in my GitHub account profile with my mail address that has somehow changed to an empty entry.

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